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Rickshaw! Who's Rick Shaw?
Appeared in Louisville's Courier-Journal.

"Who's Rick Shaw?" We've got the answer! Rick Shaw is a husband, and father, a grandfather, a great family man, as well as an excellent Realtor. Starting in the business in 1977, Rick Shaw has dedicated every day to serving Louisville as a real estate professional. He opened his own brokerage, Rick Shaw Realtors on September 12, 1995. Rick has a Masters degree in Mathematics and 12+ years of teaching high school and college.

He has used his love of teaching to not only train many agents in Kentuckiana but also teaching his very own children the business. His wife of 50 years, Judy, was even an agent. So yes, it can be a "family circus" around here from time to time, but we pride ourselves in helping our customers in every real estate transaction.

Rick Shaw Realtors is located on the corner of Shelbyville Rd and Dorsey Ln.

Our Committment to You

"Our team at Rick Shaw Realtors is dedicated to providing you the "man-power" to successfully carry you through every real estate transaction."   Rick Shaw

Rick Shaw Rick Shaw, Principal Broker
(502) 821-3309 | KY ID #177758 | email   company resume

With 41+ years of experience in real estate sales, Rick has over $182,650,000+ in volume and 1,391+ closings! He is also the principal Broker of his own business for the last 23 years going. He goes by the Golden Rule: "Do unto to others as you would have others do unto to you."

"When I put myself in the Buyer or Sellers position I want to be treated fairly and honestly. This means giving 100% of my services to my clients and in return they will pass my name along. This is how reputations are built."

Brent Shaw Brent Shaw, Sales Agent
(502) 693-8603 | License ID #215614 | email

Brent Shaw has worked side-by-side with Rick since 2004 helping the business grow and to follow in his father's footsteps. An agent at Rick Shaw Realtors, he helps Buyers and Sellers in the Louisville area. He co-manages our company rental properties. A former employee of Hills Communites Builders of KY from 2003-2008. He is a graduate of Fullsail University in Winter Park, FL with an Associates degree in 3D Computer Animation. When Brent is not hard at work he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Maria. ~ "Don't Rent. Call Brent."

Angie Pryor, Sales Agent
(502) 821-0101 | License ID# 244997 | email

Angie has grown up in the family real estate business working under her father, Rick Shaw. In 1996, she got her real estate license. Shortly thereafter she began working with a builder. In 2005 she took time off from the business to raise her two children and most recently to help in her husband's business. She is back in the business as of Summer 2018 and is now able to help carry on what Rick Shaw started over 41 years ago-a business that takes care of the client's needs in all things real estate.