Five Tips for Choosing a Realtor Near Me

Choosing the best realtor when buying or selling property can make all the difference between a pleasant experience and a nightmare. Make sure you choose the right realtor near you by following these helpful tips on how to go about selecting a realtor near you. 

1. Read Online Reviews

Reading the online reviews of realtors near you can help you narrow down your search for a professional who can help you accomplish your goals. If a realtor’s reviews are mostly positive, with the occasional negative review that is often to be expected from particularly difficult clients, then you can be confident that they are a realtor you can trust. Some Realtor red flags to watch out for it reviews would be clients feeling forced into signing legal documents, being rushed through the buying process, a real estate agent being unresponsive or unenthusiastic, or the real estate agent being chronically unsuccessful in closing deals.

2. Get a Referral from Someone You Know

While online reviews will certainly put you on the right track to finding a quality realtor near you, nothing is more trustworthy than recommendations from people you trust who have had personal experience with a particular real estate agent. An added benefit of getting a referral from a trusted source is that you know the realtor will be local if the person you get your referral from lives in the same area or community as you. If they live near you, it is likely that they have already vetted several realtors near you and chose the one they found to be the best. If their experience with that realtor was pleasant and professional, it could be worth following up with them.

3. Review Their History

When you are vetting realtors near you to contact about selling or purchasing a home, it is always a good idea to look at how they are doing lately. You can check the history of a real estate agent’s sales on websites such as Zillow or Tulia to see how many recent deals a realtor has closed, whether they were working with the buyer or seller, and how long it took the realtor to close the deal. This information will help you weed out realtors that have low closing rates or are not what you are looking for.  

4. Familiarize Yourself with Your Local Market

Carving out time to look around your area for houses with “For Sale” signs in front of them will give you an idea of who the most active realtors are near you. If you see the same realtor’s name on many signs, both for sale and sold, that will give you a better understanding of who the most trusted and widely used realtors are in your area. If a realtor is used by a notable percentage of people in your area, it is likely because they are good at what they do and have established credibility among the local community.

5. Meet with Multiple Realtors Near You

Doing your own detective work came help narrow down the pool of potential realtors near you, but it is still highly advisable to sit down with a few different realtors to discuss the details, make sure you are on the same page, ask any important questions you may have, etc. Once you have met with and spoken to a few different realtors, you can make a more informed decision on who will best represent you and take your needs into consideration.