THERE’s s-NO-w day-like a wintery day in FEBRUARY-to get your home ready for the Louisville Spring Housing Market…..

Use Winter to do INDOOR house projects

“Why didn’t I just replace that wax ring in my toilet last summer?”

Is that a question you have asked yourself before?

Probably not! But I did recently-and so on a wintery-snowy day-that is exactly what I did. Well-I didn’t replace it. I enlisted the help of my local handyman and got the job done lickity-split. I also quit dreaming about warmer days and decided the best way to warm my own cold self was to just start those indoor projects now instead of waiting for “Spring Cleaning” on various items. Sometimes the best way to beat the winter blues is to tackle those indoor projects that may be looming over your head like a sick burro in the Mediterranean sun.

Here is a list of small indoor projects that homeowners can tackle while waiting for that spring thaw:

-service the furnace, replace the filter

Service the HVAC/FURNACE and change your filter

-tackle any small plumbing issues – because cold winter months may require turning your water pipes off due to colder temps-this might be a great time to tackle those nagging plumbing projects. Although be ready with buckets in hand when it is time to turn everything on! But replacing wax rings, drippy faucet heads, running toilets, and broken shower heads are a few of the small items that you could do during the winter months.

Tackle Small Plumbing Issues

– Clean out closets. That oft neglected chore that just looms over our heads may just benefit from your extra snow-day time. And while you are in there, get out the Phillip’s head screwdriver and tighten those loose screws that hold those shelves in place.

Organize Closets and while you’re at it-Tighten loose screws!

-Speaking of loose screws-go around the house and tighten and/or replace any door handles that are missing screws, that need replacing or that generally need to be tightened. This could be kitchen cabinet handles, door handles leading in and out of your home as well as sliding glass doors, windows and such.

-Run your hand around all of your windows and doors to feel where there may be a draft. This is the perfect time to take inventory of cracked windows or broken insulated glass, buff up and/or replace the weatherstripping, replace any broken window locks, and possibly consider replacing windows/panes that are broken by getting quotes from window companies. They are not typically as busy during the winter months, so it’s not a bad idea to call now!

Check loose handles, locks, and look for broken windows

-LOOK UP! Rarely do we look at our ceilings, but you might be alarmed at what surprises await you. There may be new drywall cracks, separated drywall tape, and possibly grease, dirt, and fireplace smoke stains from the winter months. Take note and get in touch with a handyman to fix those cracks or separations. Call a cleaning company to come clean the ceilings or get out the tall ladder and the long handled mop and broom and scrub yourself.

-Take note of your paint cans that are stored in the basement from what walls you have painted through the years. If you have intentions to touch up paint during the spring, now would be a good time to take inventory of what you have on hand so you are ahead of the game.

-Clean the basement area that surrounds your water heater, furnace, and sump pump areas. As a realtor, I see so many homes where the homeowners have piled boxes and home goods and various items around these vital systems-the “ORGANS” if you will-of their home. It always amazes me when I see anything piled around these systems as they not only could be a fire hazard but could create a real MESS should there be a leak or a backup. It is never a good idea to put anything around the perimeter of these systems. I advise a 3-5 foot radius around each of these systems should something go wrong and you or a qualified contractor need access.

Clean around those MAJOR systems in your home!

The best way to ensure your home is market ready for the spring season is to contact a real estate professional. We work with bonded and insured contractors, seasoned handymen, and all around home improvement gurus who can quickly whip your house into shape for what will hopefully prove to be another stellar selling season. You’ll want to have a home that is “MOVE IN READY”…….so don’t delay. Contact any of the Rick Shaw Realtors pros TODAY.



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